Winter Basketball Leagues

& Basketball Training

There is a certified basketball training academy in the Los Gatos, CA area which teaches superior ball handling skill, footwork, and shooting, and allows participation in leagues and camps. If this sounds good and you are looking for a great program for kids from 4th grade through high school varsity, contact us at Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball. We are an excellent non-profit organization that has developed an innovative approach which teaches kids great basketball skills while developing them on a physical, personal, and intellectual level. Children develop great skills working to achieve something for themselves and their teams. We teach personal responsibility, how to win and how to lose, the importance of team play, and much more. The skills learned in our program carry over into their lives. These are skills that will enhance their performance in school, on their career path and on a personal level. In the Los Gatos, CA area, there is no finer training. Our winter basketball leagues help kids develop a fun, competitive edge that inspires them to excel.

Are you interested in obtaining quality basketball training for your child locally? If so, contact us at Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball. Our Winter Basketball Leagues give kids the chance to participate competitively and work with the team while learning key skills like winning with humility and accepting defeat with grace. Each child learns elite basketball skills and how to work towards their own personal excellence.

We offer an innovative program that develops key personal and interpersonal skills in participants. Children learn and develop as individuals while having fun. Learning to strive for your personal best while working together with others to achieve a team goal is an experience that will help them in various areas of their adult lives. Our program stresses education through the team sport of basketball. If you believe this is the type of program you’d like to become involved in, visit us online. At, you’ll find valuable information including how to register for the program.