Junior NBA & Junior WNBA

In the Los Gatos, CA area, there is an organization that teaches elite basketball skills, leadership and teamwork, and is affiliated with prestigious national organizations like the Junior NBA and the Junior WNBA. It’s Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball, and we are a certified basketball training academy which is a non-profit dedicated to teaching children important life skills through the mastery of basketball. It’s an innovative program which kids love and which imparts skills that are important to learn on and off the court. We allow kids to participate in league play so that they can learn competition, how to accept victory with humility and how to lose with dignity. Learning sportsmanship is a key value in the personal development of young people. If you’re looking for a way to get your child involved in an excellent program in Los Gatos, CA, call us today!

Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball is associated with some of the most respected sports organizations today. We are connected with the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU), USA Basketball Association, Junior WNBA, and Junior NBA. We are certified, licensed, insured, and we are the leading basketball training academy. Through repetition and teaching strategic playing skills, we develop the skills of every child in the program. While the spirit of competition is important, we also stress other soft skills that will help participants in sports and in life. 

Our programs are associated with some of the most prestigious sports organizations in the country. We have created a new, refreshing, and innovative program which is designed to bring out the best qualities of every child who participates. Along with athleticism, we teach humility, grace, respect, and the importance of following rules. At nlaborn2ball.com, you will learn all about us. You will find contact information, information about our programs, and registration materials. Contact us soon!