Basketball Shooting and Ball Handling Clinic

& AAU Basketball

The sport of basketball develops great physical skills in play, including agility. If you are interested in your child enrolling in a great basketball shooting and ball handling clinic in the Los Gatos, CA area, check us out at Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball. We are a certified basketball training academy working with youth from 4th grade through high school varsity level. With us, each child has a development plan to help them meet and reach their personal best. We offer sound training that develops all the key basketball skill and league play that helps teach the importance of personal responsibility, teamwork, and competition. If these are skills you’d like your child to learn and you are in the Los Gatos, CA area, contact us for more information. 

We are an elite footwork and ball handling skills academy and basketball shooting and ball handling are important components of the program at Next Level Athletes Born 2 Ball. We instruct kids from 4th grade through High School varsity level. Each child is evaluated so that we know their level. Once that is ascertained, we will create a program that will work on any deficiencies we see and help them reach the peak of their ability. Our AAU basketball shooting and ball handling clinic is a highly sought out and effective basketball training program. 

Our program stresses agility, developing fine motor skills, and intellectual abilities. Each child is instructed from his or her level and every child is put on a path to achieve his or her personal best. We combine the joy and fun of sports with learning important social and critical thinking skills that will enhance their academic life, career development, and personal lives. Visit us at to learn more about the programs we offer, our instruction, and more. We look forward to speaking with and working with you.